My morning…

I had such a fun morning that I thought I would share it with you all!

Being a bit of a techy geek it’s down to me to sort out the PA (speakers and Mics etc) for the bands from Singapore and Trinidad, who arrived yesterday and this morning.

This morning I set off to pick up speakers from Ashton Admor, who were highly recommended to us by Dr Rob Braham from Trinity College. I met Chris, the hire manager, at the warehouse and had the opportunity to look round the tech store. It was a bit like an Aladdin’s cave for me and I had the time of my life rooting through some of their fantastic equipment. I was particularly impressed by the beautiful Turbosound rigs that they had and it was really interesting to find out about sound hire equipment on the other side of the world. (for me, it was very interesting to talk about microphones that we use in the UK and ones that they use in Australia)

For those who are interested we have…

I really cannot thank Ashton Admor enough for their amazing help and assistance, I would have been lost without their incredible understanding and assistance!

Day 4

Today we returned to see our friends at Trinity college, a fantastic private school on the other side of Perth to where we are staying. After the wonderful barbecue they treated us to on Monday we were really looking forward to getting back and meeting the whole school.

To start the day, the team split up into sections. Les Neish took the brass away, a small contingent of oboists worked with a member from our team, the wind were taken for a masterclass with three of our young musicians, two of our singers ran a vocal workshop with 4 Trinity singers, Nick Oliver gave a masterclass with the help of several young pianists from the team, Yellian He, with one of our young musicians, took the school cellists and our 4 violinists worked with the school violin teacher, Lena McKenzie, who introduced us to nearly 20 violinists of varying ability from the school!

Having so many violinists was a real treat for both the school and us. In the hour-long session we decided to work on Corelli’s Christmas Concerto, in which members of the team tutored the Trinity College strings in sectionals before putting together a run-through of the piece.

At the end of the masterclass sessions all the young musicians returned to the recital hall in Trinity College to share what they had put together. The session featured Baby Elephant Walk by Henry Mancini, the Corelli, and even a piece for 3 beginner oboists and cor anglais!

The afternoon session started with a concert for the school’s musicians organised by our team. The programme was varied and well filled from Schumann through to the well-known Cat Duet, brilliantly performed by our two soprano soloists, complete with animation and face paint!!! The comedy was finished off in spectacular fashion by Les Neish, our international tuba soloist, performing another fantastic rendition of the Carnival of Venice!

Following this, the group joined the school’s chamber orchestra as they started to prepare Greig’s Holberg Suite. One of the members of the team was even invited to conduct the group for the suite. The TCR team and the Trinity School community both found the session very worthwhile and a real help to all involved.

To Finish the day Alison Cox assembled the composers upstairs in the school’s composition suite to lead a “show and tell” composition masterclass with young composers from Trinity College and experienced young composers from The Commonwealth Resounds team. Whilst this took place a different combination of students from both organisations enjoyed a lively and highly memorable session with the Trinity College Jazz Big Band.

Gary from Trinity College then very kindly drove us to Kings Park, just above CSA, to see Perth from the view-point above there. The panoramic view from the park is simply stunning and it’s absolutely amazing to see such peace right in the middle of a bustling city!

Nick and Sarah are just sorting tonight’s food which should be quite a feast!!!

Day 1 part II

Having picked up the van today. Martin and I joined the team at Trinity College, a wonderful boys school just on the other side of the city from where we are staying. The school has been really kind to us and even gave us a lift to the school before loaning us their beautiful, new music department to rehearse and practise in.

Following on from the days hard rehearsal (whilst jet lagged!) Trinity college even invited us to join them for our first night and produced a fantastic “Ozzie Barbie” for all the team. We were joined for supper by around 15 of their year 12 music students (who are busy preparing for their final exams!!) whom after supper introduced us to Ozzie rules.

We are so grateful to Trinity College for the kind support, they have made us feel so welcome and we cant wait to work with them again later on in the week!

I’m now sat in our apartment enjoying a nice cup of tea looking forward to tomorrow’s day at Willetton Senior High School, where we will be working with their year 8 pupils and showing them several instruments as well as taking a short choral workshop and giving masterclasses in composition and performance.

Pipers in Perth!


I am Lucie!! this is my very fiiiirst post of the PERTH 2011 trip, contributing as one of the Perth team, and I wanted to share something amazing which happened this evening!!

First day in Perth, sitting having a barbecue, chatting, we froze as the sound of … BAGPIPES rang through the air!

I am from Scotland and hearing bagpipes in a school in the other side of the world … was …


Bagpipes in Perth, Australia!