First morning!



So its a fairly lazy morning for the team as we try and recover from our jetlag! However Martin and I have just been out to east Victoria park to pick up the van.

Travelling by bus and on foot was a great way of seeing the city, and you can see that it looks like everything is getting ready for the big CHoGM! By a little green toward the centre of the city we took a bus to the van hire place! Both Martin and I were pleased to see some native Australian Wildlife!! Although we aren’t quite sure what the plural or collective noun of kangaroo might be!

We’re just off to meet the team at trinity college now and Yellian is due to arrive and join us fairly soon.

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The whole group arrived safe and sound with all our luggage into Perth just past midnight this morning and were in our apartments by 2 in the morning!! After a few hours sleep we awoke to take a very hearty breakfast.

Today’s activities are fairly sedate, we’re looking forward to being picked up by our trinity college friends later and a good old barbie with them in the evening!

We will write much more very soon …

Look what just appeared in my news feed…

Les Neish will now be in the southern hemisphere, but before he left, he found time to appear in the 4 bars rest news, which you can find here. We are really pleased that Les has been able to fit the Commonwealth Resounds tour into Perth as his performance at the Royal Over-Seas League Pre CHoGM Gala Concert a few weeks ago was absolutely stunning and we cant wait to work with him again.

Les’ full tour schedule can be found here.

Along with Les, the two schools are joined by two other incredible soloists Yellian He on Cello and Cecilia De Mari on the Harp.

In just a week today the two schools Chethams and Purcell will be flying out to Perth. The trip is starting look very close!!