Farewell Australia

So the Purcell group is just at the gate in Perth airport enjoying their final meal, it’s a lovely civilised lounge but we did come up against our first instrument flight issue and one guitar has had to go in the hold as it might be a security risk! All other instruments are going in the cabin with us!

We are very sad to be leaving not least because we are all currently enjoying the clear blue sky and high 20’s temperature!

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Day 12

Having been here 12 days, we have finally started learning more about the Aboriginal people of the area.  last week Trinity College had put us in contact with Philip, a member of the Nyoongar people who travels the world giving amazing presentations and performances about his people and culture. We were honoured to be given a welcome to his land and he gave a fascinating explanation of the culture and beliefs of the Aboriginal people. He also talked with us about their music and the culture and beliefs surrounding their music. It was amazing to learn about their songlines and the way that traditional instruments have travelled around the country.

From a personal perspective, I really enjoyed the introduction to the instruments as we were surrounded by the Harold Boas Gardens which is a beautiful area of greenery just outside our apartments. It was amazing to be taught about the nature and the way that people have lived with nature for nearly 50,000 years in the beauty of the outdoor space, with flowers in bloom and birds flying low over our heads as we were taught Nyoongar songs.

After lunch the team walked down to the Wesley Church in the City Centre to perform for the Song of the People service.

The group performed in the service and two of our young musicians read readings throughout the service. We were joined by The Winthrop Singers, a choir of 20 university students, who sang several items which were arranged by their own members! We were really impressed by this group which has only been going for a few years, their sound beautiful and we were really pleased to be able to hear their music.

Our Trinidad group, Sharda Patasar and friends closed the service which had tracked the history of the Commonwealth through music and text and scripture.

This evening the group went out to Northbridge to find somewhere to eat. It’s been a really pleasant evening and although we only have one final day we are really looking forward to another trip to Fremantle.

Pictures from a Harpist…

Hi I’m Cecilia and I’m the Commonwealth Resounds Harpist from Malta. I’m really excited to be able to be on this trip as its my third CHoGM that I’ve been too!

I arrived late on Tuesday evening and have only just joined the team here in Perth, but here are some of my pictures so far…

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Last night!

Last night the team all went out to Taka’s kitchen a great Japanese restaurant just a short walk from the CSA where we are staying. After a long day the team really needed some great food and a bit of time to catch up with each other!

Perth looks absolutely amazing by night and it’s amazing how many people stopped to chat to us whilst we were walking there. It seems that the city is really looking forward to CHoGM in a few days time!

The team enjoys a meal at Taka's Kitchen

The Boys Go for a Walk

Today, we boys went out for a wander around Perth and took a fair few photos. Mr Banks has given us access to the website so that we can share these with you and the world!!!

We managed to track down some wild Australian animals, and really enjoyed seeing Perth from new angles

We hope you enjoy Perth through our eyes!

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Pipers in Perth!


I am Lucie!! this is my very fiiiirst post of the PERTH 2011 trip, contributing as one of the Perth team, and I wanted to share something amazing which happened this evening!!

First day in Perth, sitting having a barbecue, chatting, we froze as the sound of … BAGPIPES rang through the air!

I am from Scotland and hearing bagpipes in a school in the other side of the world … was …


Bagpipes in Perth, Australia!