Supporters & Thanks

The Perth 2011 trip is only possible after a huge fundraising campaign which has been going on over the last 12 months at both the Purcell School of Music and Chethams School of Music. All the pupils involved have been at the forefront of this fundraising activity, however alongside them have been their friends and colleagues who have helped out at concerts and with other events to raise the funds required to travel halfway round the world to play in Australia.

There are a large number of other groups involved with the project in particular the Royal Over-Seas League who are going to be travelling with us and supporting us in the work that we will be carrying out whilst we are down under.

We have so many people who we need to thank and are incredibly grateful to and you can find links to some of them below.

Thanks very much to

Trinity College Perth,
Really fantastic hosts for several evenings, we are so grateful for your hospitality!

Singapore Airlines,
Such fantastic service that musicians very rarely come across when flying, we cannot thank these people enough!