This is the life…

Our Singaporean group Sri Mahligai are hosting an Australian – Singaporean evening at the city stay apartments and in this short break they are serving some amazing Malaysian food! I’m currently sat by the pool enjoying their food, music and great company!

This is the life!

Day 10

Having been on Perth for 10 days and carrying out nearly 20 events so far it is amazing that the whole group has not yet been split up. Today however was a time for us to show off our logistical expertise! With 4 events not only back to back or overlapping but at the same time!

Early in the morning the Royal Over-Seas League soloists had a chance to rehearse for a new composition by one of the young musicians. There was also time for some of our young musicians to rehearse items and prepare for the next few days ahead!

After lunch, some of the young musicians departed to work with Perth modern school, just up the road from our apartments. The rest of the group left for Fremantle to rehearse for the closing ceremony of the commonwealth youth forum. Our Trinidad group taught the group a piece and 14 musicians will be performing it together during the closing ceremony of the CYF tomorrow afternoon.

At around 1 this morning (Perth time!) Alison Cox was woken by an official asking if the Trinidad group could play for the prime minister at a function tonight! So, the band went off this evening with myself (as technician) and met the Prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago, who was an amazing person. It was a real honour to meet the prime minister she had such presence and spoke brilliantly.

The ROSL Soloists were also in action tonight with some of our young musicians at the ROSL gala dinner, the young musicians were invited to the Royal Over-Seas League CHoGM Dinner. There were also some lucky ones who are able to take evening off!!!!

Pictures of today will follow soon…

Tomorrow looks like it

Day 9

We’ve spent the day doing a wide variety of different things! The morning we walked to St Margaret’s Children’s Hospital to take part in their carers day.

The day was a real eye opener and very moving. It started with one carer describing her journey, which was very moving and really opened our eyes to how important it is to look after everyone involved not just those that are most obviously in need.

After the talks the group performed a couple of very short items. Our Maltese contingent, Joseph Aquilina and Cecilia De Maria, both performed beautifully before the day moved into the main carers day exhibition area. This was where our Trinidad and Singaporean groups both performed. It was the first day that we have been able to use the PA from Ashton Admor to its max and it worked fantastically well. Both groups were really pleased with the result and the buzz in the room created by these two amazing groups was incredible.

Whilst the two groups were playing the young musicians from Chethams and Purcell went to play to the Children’s Wards. This has generated so many memories not only for the children on the wards but also our young musicians who have been reliving the moments that they’ve had with the children ever since.

After walking back, the evening consisted of one of the most important events on the tour, the Commonwealth Festival Gala Concert with the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra.

The young musicians were invited to the pre concert reception and were also invited to perform for the VIP guests. The concert itself included our ROSL soloist Yelian He who performed Haydn’s second Cello concerto, which was also broadcast live nationally on ABC classic FM!

Tomorrow the young musicians are heading to Perth Modern school whilst the soloists are going to be collaborating with our Singaporeans on a large-scale joint piece to be performed later in the week…

Day 8

Today we were honoured to play for the Governor of Western Australia, His Excellency Malcolm McCusker and his wife Tonya in the unveiling of the tree of life ceremony. The Governor and his family unveiled the beautiful sculpture after our Trinidad group had performed to the people of Perth.

Following the ceremony the two schools performed the background music for the reception in the Wesley church in Perth whilst the Governor and his family met many of the attendees before they came and spoke to all of the TCR resounds performers, it was lovely to hear about the Governors son’s Oboe lessons and it was lovely to see their daughter was particularly interested in the Harp!

The team with the Govenor of Western Australia and his Family

This evening the whole group, soloists, young musicians, Singaporeans, Trinidad group and Maltese Soloists had a wonderful Barbecue (which I managed to burn beautifully!) It was a wonderful chance to welcome all of the parties to Perth and for us all to share some of our music. Of course post Barbecue the young musicians sang again and the Singaporeans, who had just got off the plane, also performed for us!

We can’t wait for tomorrow, we’ll be playing at Princess Margaret’s Children’s Hospital and later Yelian He will be performing the Haydn Cello Concerto as part of the Commonwealth Festival with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra!

My morning…

I had such a fun morning that I thought I would share it with you all!

Being a bit of a techy geek it’s down to me to sort out the PA (speakers and Mics etc) for the bands from Singapore and Trinidad, who arrived yesterday and this morning.

This morning I set off to pick up speakers from Ashton Admor, who were highly recommended to us by Dr Rob Braham from Trinity College. I met Chris, the hire manager, at the warehouse and had the opportunity to look round the tech store. It was a bit like an Aladdin’s cave for me and I had the time of my life rooting through some of their fantastic equipment. I was particularly impressed by the beautiful Turbosound rigs that they had and it was really interesting to find out about sound hire equipment on the other side of the world. (for me, it was very interesting to talk about microphones that we use in the UK and ones that they use in Australia)

For those who are interested we have…

I really cannot thank Ashton Admor enough for their amazing help and assistance, I would have been lost without their incredible understanding and assistance!