Chets team safely returned from Melbourne yesterday – back to freezing temperatures and work but at least the sun shone for us on our first day back. Long flight home but helped by discovering the pool and showers at Singapore airport en route.

Thanks to all for an amazing trip and especially to all Purcell and Chets pupils and staff – brilliant musicians and company one and all. let planning for the next TCR commence! Well, maybe not until next week…


Spent our last full day at Victoria College, a specialist music school in Melbourne city centre. Great day, composition session in the morning when Frankie and Stephen showed works which were on a screen for the audience to see and were played and discussed. Lunchtime concert given by both schools and then keyboard, string and WW masterclasses in the afternoon.

All the students had an evening out with their host families, whilst Sarah and Nick hit the town with Geoff and Rhonda! Great dinner in an outside restaurant and a drink in one of the hundreds of roof top bars. This morning is brilliant sunshine whilst we pack to leave. Hard to believe the Aussie adventure is ending – it’s been an amazing trip and huge congrats to all the Chets and Purcell crews who did so brilliantly.

Back to the UK and our day jobs – look forward to sharing memories and photos in the weeks ahead. Farewell for now from the Chets team.

Chets in Melbourne continued.

Thursday was our day in Westbourne college. Huge and spacious campus. The students all attended lessons with their hosts for the first 2 periods of the day (double Maths for Frankie!!), and then re-acquainted themselves with their instruments after a few days off. We then participated in string groups, band and choir rehearsals before giving a lunchtime concert.

More ensemble activities in the afternoon before we all headed back to the Hayhow’s for a BBQ. The students all helped out with the cooking (Stevie B especially impressing with the meat tongs) and had a great evening.

Last day tomorrow – it seems to have gone quickly and yet we also seem to have been here for a long time – good combination. One more update tomorrow before we leave on Saturday.

Chets in Melbourne

Sightseeing day in Melbourne city. We took the train to the city with Geoff Hayhow as our tour guide. Weather a bit grey and chilly but we had a great time exploring a fascinating city. It’s a mix of modern high rise and lots of narrow lanes crammed with shops and cafes, very continental in feel. We travelled around on the extensive tram network and between us saw much of the central distriact as well as St Kilda’s beach, numerous shops and the Percy Grainger museum! Sarah and Nick also took in the view of the city from top of the Eureka tower, the highest building in the southern hemisphere.

All the students returned to their host families for the evening. Back to work mode tomorrow with a day at Westbourne Grammar School where we are doing workshops and a concert.


Chets group said farewell to Purcell group this morning and flew to Sydney. Nice views from the air although lots of turbulence.
Found our apartments in the city which are great and we then walked to Sydney tower, the highest building in the city, and took the lift to the top. Fab views as the sky darkened and the city lights came on. Also a lightening show from distant storms.
Walked back to Chinatown and had a great meal with compulsory use of chopsticks!
Only one broken piece of crockery which was good going.
Looking forward to sightseeing day tomorrow, with visit to Sydney conservatoire late afternoon and then Don Giovanni in the opera house:)
Hope Purcell group have safe trip back and Catherine too of course. Missing you!
Can’t upload photos from here but will do so when in Melbourne later in the week. Nick and Sarah. Gday!!


The whole group arrived safe and sound with all our luggage into Perth just past midnight this morning and were in our apartments by 2 in the morning!! After a few hours sleep we awoke to take a very hearty breakfast.

Today’s activities are fairly sedate, we’re looking forward to being picked up by our trinity college friends later and a good old barbie with them in the evening!

We will write much more very soon …