Last night!

Last night the team all went out to Taka’s kitchen a great Japanese restaurant just a short walk from the CSA where we are staying. After a long day the team really needed some great food and a bit of time to catch up with each other!

Perth looks absolutely amazing by night and it’s amazing how many people stopped to chat to us whilst we were walking there. It seems that the city is really looking forward to CHoGM in a few days time!

The team enjoys a meal at Taka's Kitchen

The Boys Go for a Walk

Today, we boys went out for a wander around Perth and took a fair few photos. Mr Banks has given us access to the website so that we can share these with you and the world!!!

We managed to track down some wild Australian animals, and really enjoyed seeing Perth from new angles

We hope you enjoy Perth through our eyes!

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Pipers in Perth!


I am Lucie!! this is my very fiiiirst post of the PERTH 2011 trip, contributing as one of the Perth team, and I wanted to share something amazing which happened this evening!!

First day in Perth, sitting having a barbecue, chatting, we froze as the sound of … BAGPIPES rang through the air!

I am from Scotland and hearing bagpipes in a school in the other side of the world … was …


Bagpipes in Perth, Australia!

First morning!



So its a fairly lazy morning for the team as we try and recover from our jetlag! However Martin and I have just been out to east Victoria park to pick up the van.

Travelling by bus and on foot was a great way of seeing the city, and you can see that it looks like everything is getting ready for the big CHoGM! By a little green toward the centre of the city we took a bus to the van hire place! Both Martin and I were pleased to see some native Australian Wildlife!! Although we aren’t quite sure what the plural or collective noun of kangaroo might be!

We’re just off to meet the team at trinity college now and Yellian is due to arrive and join us fairly soon.

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