We’re just leaving for Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre where we will be giving a concert filled with our favourite pieces so far as well as enjoying life near the Australian Outback!

New arrivals …

On day 5 I blogged that Maltese Tenor, Joseph Aquilina, had arrived I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce all the members of the team who have arrive with us so far!

We of course have the Chethams and Purcell Schools of music, the biggest and oldest specialist music schools in the UK. Chethams is based in Manchester and Purcell just outside North London. Both schools have sent 6 – 7 pupils aged 16 – 18 to perform to and encourage young musicians in Australia.

The combined teams of Purcell and Chethams Schools

Joining the schools are two Royal Over-Seas League soloists, Les Neish and Yelian He who have been with us since we arrived. Les Neish is an international Tuba soloists and has joined us whilst he has joined us whilst he is touring Australia and New Zealand for 5 weeks! Yelian He has flown out as part of a 3 week tour of Australia, originally from Melbourne he is currently a post graduate student at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Yelian will be performing the Haydn Cello Concerto with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra as part of the Commonwealth festival

Joseph Aquilina

We are also very lucky to be joined by two Maltese musicians, one old friend who was on the original Commonwealth Resounds tour as a Purcell School pupil. Cecelia De Maria rejoins the team as a harp soloist and two days ago we were also joined by the celebrated Maltese Joseph Aquilina

Joseph is a world-renowned Tenor soloist and notably has performed for the Commonwealth Heads of Government before when it was in Malta where he sang to many dignitaries from around the World.

Joseph has also recorded for major international record labels and has championed the work of many Maltese Soloists. We are especially pleased to be joined by him and would like to thank the Maltese Government for supporting him whilst he is out in Australia.

We are due to be joined very shortly by more musicians from Singapore and from Trinidad. The Commonwealth Resounds is managing to bring together musicians from all over the World to share musical ideas and experiences!

Day 5

Today was a bitter-sweet moment. It was our final day with Trinity College, Perth. We have been working with them all week and all groups have gained so much from each other. The time we have spent together has been packed with exciting items, from Tuba and Cello Masterclasses to Concertos and Composition workshops!

This morning started a little later than yesterday (which was a great relief for us all!) and Trinity College once again picked us up from our apartments.

We kicked off the day with a performance to the junior school, the concert was an opportunity to introduce the younger members of the school to some of our instruments. The harp, clarinet and cello were amongst the introductions and it was great to see our young musicians speaking so passionately to Trinity College’s youngest pupils.

The later morning session saw us revisit the strings in the chamber orchestra, and this time the session looked at Bach’s Double Violin Concerto. This was a real treat for us all as not only were the whole of the orchestra able to play this masterpiece but the two soloists were both young musicians from the Commonwealth Resounds team!

Lunch was a fantastic time for the Commonwealth Resounds team to wander around Trinity College’s beautiful grounds and Peter Banks was lucky enough to view the school’s telescopes!

The afternoon session saw the team split up into different groups and areas. Some attended a traditional percussion session, and others participated in the joint choir of Trinity College and the Presbyterian Ladies College. The rehearsal was very interesting as the choir was rehearsing a large work and involved all the young singers spreading around the whole room.

The day was finished off by a concert for the Exhibition Programme a concert series run at Trinity College. As a pre-concert talk Tony Maydwell led a question and answer session where he interviewed the team and asked about their life and music in the UK. Following on from this, he invited questions from the floor. The audience was very interested in life as a musician in the UK and in specialist music schools such as the Purcell School and Chetham’s School of Music.

The evening concert was another spectacular event with performances from the entire team. Following the concert, everyone was invited to the music leavers post-concert dinner where all the Trinity College Year 12 boys were presented with medals in recognition of their work at the school. It was a very special event and the whole team felt so honoured to be present at the ceremony.

Yelian He, one of our ROSL soloists, rounded the whole evening off beautifully with another rendition of Julie – o. The piece has become such a favourite with the team and everyone who has been lucky enough to see Yelian perform agrees that he is quite incredible!

We were really sad to leave our new friends at Trinity College tonight but we are sure that we will meet them again soon (hopefully on the next TCR trip!) and we have been joined by a new face, Joseph Aquilina, a fantastic tenor soloist from Malta.

Tomorrow is a much-needed rest day and the team are off to Caversham Wildlife Park to see Koalas and other native wildlife!!