Day 8

Today we were honoured to play for the Governor of Western Australia, His Excellency Malcolm McCusker and his wife Tonya in the unveiling of the tree of life ceremony. The Governor and his family unveiled the beautiful sculpture after our Trinidad group had performed to the people of Perth.

Following the ceremony the two schools performed the background music for the reception in the Wesley church in Perth whilst the Governor and his family met many of the attendees before they came and spoke to all of the TCR resounds performers, it was lovely to hear about the Governors son’s Oboe lessons and it was lovely to see their daughter was particularly interested in the Harp!

The team with the Govenor of Western Australia and his Family

This evening the whole group, soloists, young musicians, Singaporeans, Trinidad group and Maltese Soloists had a wonderful Barbecue (which I managed to burn beautifully!) It was a wonderful chance to welcome all of the parties to Perth and for us all to share some of our music. Of course post Barbecue the young musicians sang again and the Singaporeans, who had just got off the plane, also performed for us!

We can’t wait for tomorrow, we’ll be playing at Princess Margaret’s Children’s Hospital and later Yelian He will be performing the Haydn Cello Concerto as part of the Commonwealth Festival with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra!