Day 3

Today has been our first proper free day and its been so much fun! Very few of the team slept well last night as the jetlag has caught us up a little, however, after a hearty breakfast at CSA we walked down to the train station to take a train to Fremantle, a town on the coast just outside Perth.

Upon waking this morning it was clear that the day was going to be a scorcher so as we left it was a real Australian – slip, slop, slap moment! The blue sky above Perth was incredible and I’m afraid the pictures simply do not do it justice!

The Perth train station was at first a little complicated to deal with as it was difficult to find out which zones we were going to, what type of ticket was needed and whether the team was made up of children, students or adults, but having bought tickets we departed on the amazingly frequent (every 15 minute service) to Fremantle. The trains here are fantastic and run very regularly from Perth to locations nearby, we may well be visiting other places by train soon!

Fremantle is a beautiful port city which gave stunning views across to Rottnest Island (which we are very sorry not to be able to visit) and access to the beautiful sandy beaches was very simple when using the excellent CAT busses!


The beach at Fremantle

The morning was spent lazing on the beach and paddling on the edge of the Indian Ocean before finding a lovely cafe at the water’s edge to enjoy a cream tea! The team was really surprised by how green the city looks, all the grass was trimmed beautifully and was such a bright green colour we felt guilty just looking at it, let alone walking and lying on it!


Taking the team into Fremantle prison

After lunch the team split up and the younger members all headed inland a little to find the famous Fremantle Gaol! This was the last place that prisoners went before they were sent to Rottnest Island. Life inside the prison seemed to be incredibly harsh and it seemed amazing that it was still operating up to 1991.

For supper we had been tipped off by several people that we simply had to have fish and chips on the beach, this seemed to good an idea to pass up so we set off for the sea front again and found Kailis Fish Market Cafe which had the most wonderful views over the sea.

As we were finishing Cecelia (Our Maltese Harpist, who joined the team today!) called us all outside to see the sun set over the Indian Ocean. The team all moved outside to enjoy this sight which was very moving and beautiful

Tomorrow takes us back to see our friends at Trinity College, where we will not only be performing but also leading workshops and sharing experiences with their pupils. We’re really please to be returning to see them after their kindness and company on Monday, and we can’t wait to hear their music and work with them both tomorrow and on Friday!

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