Day 1 part II

Having picked up the van today. Martin and I joined the team at Trinity College, a wonderful boys school just on the other side of the city from where we are staying. The school has been really kind to us and even gave us a lift to the school before loaning us their beautiful, new music department to rehearse and practise in.

Following on from the days hard rehearsal (whilst jet lagged!) Trinity college even invited us to join them for our first night and produced a fantastic “Ozzie Barbie” for all the team. We were joined for supper by around 15 of their year 12 music students (who are busy preparing for their final exams!!) whom after supper introduced us to Ozzie rules.

We are so grateful to Trinity College for the kind support, they have made us feel so welcome and we cant wait to work with them again later on in the week!

I’m now sat in our apartment enjoying a nice cup of tea looking forward to tomorrow’s day at Willetton Senior High School, where we will be working with their year 8 pupils and showing them several instruments as well as taking a short choral workshop and giving masterclasses in composition and performance.